Best Import Auto Repair in Denver Metro Area

I recently took my car to the best import auto repair in Denver called Autoworks Colorado. They have the cleanest shop I have ever seen when it comes to auto repair and the technicians are very friendly. Autoworks Colorado is located in Littleton, CO just off of C-470 and Ken Karl. I was sick of taking my mercedes to the dealer, not only because the pricing was so high but the service was not any better.

Autoworks Colorado has the best pricing for the quality of work they provide. Mark has a great shop and I woul recommend him to anyone driving a German Import. The best import auto repair in Denver metro area is definitely Autoworks CO.

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Auto Parts for Imports

If you want to save a great deal of money you should check out the Auto Parts Place online. I bought parts for my Audi A6 and had them put in with some help from my friends at Autoworks Colorado. I saved on parts by 50% and found a good price on labor. I was surprised that the man working on my car didn’t care that I got the parts myself but I guess it just saved him another job. My car was done the next day and I was on the road for half the cost.

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How to Increase you Horsepower

Most people do not understand or realize the amount of power hidden inside their import car. Usually these cars are well tuned “out of the box” but there is still horsepower hidden under the hood you can get out with a little modification.

The first thing you can do is purchase an air intake. There are many different types of air intakes, the best thing is to do a little research online or ask a trusted auto mechanic. There short ram intakes, air cooled boxes, cold air intakes, etc. The most efficient and reliable air intake I thik is the Cold Air Intake. This alone adds about 5-7 horsepower depending on your vehicle. This part usually costs around $200 if you want a decent one. Whatever you do, don’t buy into the cheap ones “on sale,” you will be quite disappointed.

Now that your car is takin in more air, you also need to allow it to leave your car. Getting headers and exhaust gives you more backflow and increases the amount of air leaving your vehicle. Headers come in many different sizes and shapes. By installing headers you car will gain an additional 5-10 horses. Again make sure you buy quality parts, not cheap junky parts. This will usually run around $350 for strong welds. If you are experienced you can install it youself or have an experienced mechanic install it for you.

Exhaust is another critical part to increase the number of ponies you have under the hood. When purchasing an exhaust, it is very important to buy the whole system, not jus the muffler. This should run you around $500-$750 and will drive your horsepower up another 12 horses. Some good brands for exhaust systems are greddy, borla, and flowmaster. It again can be installed by anyone with car experience.

For just $1500 you can improve you horsepower by about 25-30 horses. This is enough to really notice a difference while you are out on the road.

Audi A4

The new Audi A4 is an impressive performance vehicle, particularly when equipped with the available quattro all-wheel-drive system, and it offers a luxurious interior with superior build quality and materials. Some auto reviews say that the new 08′ Audi A4’s solid performance and classy exterior design makes it a solid consideration amond upscale midsize sedans.

The A4’s major competitor is BMW‘s 3 series which ranks amongst the highest in this class. Many people can’t afford the 3 series and turn to audi’s A4 as a substitute. For more on the Audi A4 review visit the full review.

Best Import Auto Repair Denver

By Tim Alexander

I own two Audi’s and have always loved the way they drive. One thing I don’t like is the Dealership that I buy them from. Their service is terrible and often times my car will stay at their service garage for days. I found Autoworks Colorado in Littleton two years ago and they truely are the best import auto repair in Denver. When I took my wife’s A4 to Autoworks, they had it done the next morning and offered to pick my wife up to get her car. Autoworks Colorado offers the most personal service in the auto repair in Denver. I contsantly reffer my friends to Autoworks and hopefully can convince you to visit them. If you are looking for an auto repair shop you can trust and rely on to take care of you precious car, give Autoworks Colorado a call at (303) 932-9990